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Outsourcing is a crucial strategic direction for companies to take. By outsourcing certain functions, much-needed funds can be reallocated to business development and innovation.
Cost savings are realized not only in manpower costs, but also in assets and overheads. Embracing non-core, but necessary, business functions as a service, gives a competitive advantage to any business.
Outsource your marine-related supporting processes to Imperial Offshore and let us seamlessly synchronize and integrate them into your business.
We give you invaluable support and expertise when you need it most.

We Specialise in:

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Offshore Energy Sector
Mobirise Website Builder
Maritime Infrastructure Maintenance
Mobirise Website Builder
Harbour, Coastal and Offshore Construction
Commercial Diving - Imperial Offshore

Executive Marine Management & Consultancy Services

Why Executive Marine Management?

Because Imperial Offshore can reduce your project or operational costs, by utilizing our personal experience, our vetted suppliers and partners, and our automated marine management systems to control Project or Operational Management, Quality Assurance & Control, Procurement, Human Resource & Logistics.

We assure the highest quality and timeous execution, whilst providing the highest level of expertise to our client. Our marine management systems are Risk & Cost Reduction focused, with customer experience and satisfaction as the prime priority. At Imperial Offshore we understand the complexities of the marine environments and the managing of resources within these environments either at sea or dealing with red-tape and logistics on-shore. 

Marine Manpower & Logistics Services

We are committed to providing dedicated human resources to your marine projects effectively and efficiently, so we’ve developed CREWFAST™, our exclusive automated marine human resources management application, designed to help you build and manage your teams and crew lists.

Here are some of the specialized manpower we provide:
● Commercial Divers
● ROV Pilots & Technicians
● Riggers
● Rope Access Technicians
● SHEQ Officers
● Vessel Crew
● Shore based staff

All onshore and offshore personnel are continually assessed through our web-based performance review system, one of many amazing features of CREWFAST™, providing us with reliable and uncompromising data to ensure we always have the best team composition for your projects.
Imperial Offshore can also mobilize & demobilize your teams, should you find the need to outsource your logistics function further. 

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Rigging Services and Products

Third party rigging inspections and certification
Marine and industrial rigging teams
Rigging, slinging, and heavy lift product sales 

ROV Intervention Services

With our ROV intervention services, we employ the latest underwater technology and management systems to offer Ship Hull Inspections, Marine Asset Integrity Inspections & Maintenance, 3D mapping, and Sonar, creating a more efficient and reliable marine platform.

Utilizing underwater drones and ROV technology also provides the client with a safer and more cost-effective way of conducting underwater inspections. 

Why choose Imperial Offshore?

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