Who are we?

The Imperial offshore founding team specializes in marine construction support and asset inspection services. Our organization seeks to complement existing marine and offshore business, and create new, sustainable opportunities for both our clients and personnel.

Our Core Values

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Innovation, quality, and excellence.
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No excuses, No compromise, Just results.
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Inspire people to transcend their boundaries.
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Compassion, equality & ethical business practices.

How to join us

With the CREWFAST™ platform it is easy to create your profile as diver, rigger, welder etc.
Customise your profile for the vacancy you want - let the platform work for you!

With an active CREWFAST™ profile you not only create a means to be seen by recruiters, but you have access to job placements as well.
Looking for something different or looking for a challenge? Browse through the vacancies and find your next challenge or adventure.

The CREWFAST™ platform is the ideal place to get the exposure you need for all your vacancies.
Access a huge database of qualified personnel ready to take on the challenge.

Access to the CREWFAST™ platform is almost unlimited - with a simple internet connection you have the CREWFAST™ platform at your finger tips.
The Registration process is quick and simple - as is setting up your profile. After the easy registration process you can Log in from virtually any internet capable device.