It’s our mission to create jobs, to be at the forefront of technological developments, to conserve and rehabilitate our marine environment, and to always put the wellbeing of our clients and employees first.

We envision building a company that lasts for generations to come, employing people and sustaining families. Ultimately, we will leave behind more than we took.

Dirk van den Heever, CEO Imperial Offshore

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The marine support partner you can trust!

Imperial Offshore is a marine service, construction support services, and ship repair & maintenance services company offering a full marine management turnkey solution to our global clients. We specialise in marine asset inspection, marine construction support services and ship repair & maintenance services.
We give our clients an edge over their competitors by providing world-class, cost-effective, and innovative solutions to their marine operational challenges.

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Your trust in us is earned by the provision of access to world-class executive marine management, employment solutions, and innovative marine support consumables that we are renowned for.

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Our innovation comes in the form of initiating a paradigm shift in the traditional maritime business model, by developing and launching automated solutions to handle all your marine-manpower, inspection, and asset integrity management needs, allowing you to focus on the more important factors of your business or project.

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Leading Edge

We ensure that we are always at the leading edge of technological development, and we continually strive to move our business toward renewable energy solutions and to contribute toward the rehabilitation of the environment.